DISCOVER December 29, 2018


For years I have proven to be a tried and true novice green thumb, never able to keep a plant alive. But after successfully keeping our human daughter alive for 10 years so far, I decided it was time to graduate to foliage.

Like any Seattle native, my comfort zone is in grey. Various shades of cool, dreary grey. It has invaded both my wardrobe and our home. So the idea of adding colorful drapes or pillows is just too much of a commitment. One day, as I was reading my BFF Joanna Gaines’ (a girl can only dream) new book Home Body, and I noticed a continual trend that lay in the pages of my new bible.

Plants! Green, lush, large foliage plants. Thoughtfully placed in a corner, or centered at the family table, she casually places the plants to add a natural pop of color.  This is how I was introduced with my true obsession – the Fiddle Leaf Fig. It’s statuesque trunk and topiary head have become, to me, the ultimate prize.

Before I could take on such an investment, I needed to prove I could properly care for a plant, and decided to start small.  One Saturday I ventured into The Plant Shop. They have two shops in Seattle, both on Capitol Hill, as well as a beautiful interiors store called Homestead (warning: another bank breaker but a girl can swoon right?).

The Plant Shop boutiques are small in stature but their collections are lush and diverse, ranging from 2” succulents to the large 8’ palms, and of course everything in between beautifully styled and fresh for picking.

To accent their vegetation they have created a collection of custom cylinder pots in a varying range of colors and sizes that are simple, sleek, and modern.

The staff at the Plant Shop are incredibly friendly and will coach you through proper care of your first foliage. I knew as soon as I entered the boutique that it was the perfect place to start.

In just a few short months our collection grew, and after 6 months I can proudly report that they’re all still alive! Here are a few novice green thumb winners  from our home that work great for a first timers:

Snake Plant (aka Mother in Law’s Tongue): super low maintenance, loves to be tight fitted in their pot, only needs watering twice in the winter and the best part is they absorb carbon dioxide.

Succulents: these sweet and fragile plants are meant for the desert. Meaning if you don’t water it for weeks, they will be happy. I love the simplicity of their look and often use them as a centerpiece for our dining room table.

Chinese Evergreen: Easy to grow and very tolerant. I love the patterned color of the leaves.

Lemon Lime Variegated Dracaena: I love the bright stripes of the leaves and the fullness of the plant.

For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board on all things foliage related.

Remember: start small, with just a few to ensure you get the hang of it, and then graduate yourself to larger, broader vegetation.  While I’m no where near an expert, feel free to email me with questions on how to get started.  I’m now 9 months into my new passion and brought this beauty home for the New Year!

Fannie the Fiddle Leaf Fig: