When we help you sell your home, our job is to guide the entire process so you can focus on making the big decisions. Here is some insight into the step-by-step process we use to get your home sold:

Our first meeting will begin with asking questions about your intentions and what comes next.  Through a lot of listening we'll match your goals, fears and expectations and develop a plan to help us meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Whether you’re selling your first or fourth home, we find that most sellers have the same fears and concerns. It’s crucial for us to address any questions you might have at this point, including:


  • Will your home sell when you need it to?
  • What is a competitive price for your home today in its current condition?
  • Should you make any improvements to your home to maximize return on investment (ROI)?

After the consultation, we will put together a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which analyzes your neighborhood's housing data along with the condition of your home to create a value range and an expected sale price.

Within our market analysis, we will provide you with our recommendations for repairs you may want to make to leverage your ROI. This may be as simple as fresh paint on the walls, or it could include upgrades like replacing countertops. We will give you direct input to help you attract the right buyer, and will be there to support you throughout the process. Including anything from providing our top vendor references to assisting with project management and everything in between.

During this phase, we also delve into marketing your home, which includes:


  1. Reviewing staging options and suggestions for your home
  2. Having your property professionally photographed
  3. Creating full-color brochures featuring your property’s highlights
  4. Online marketing of your listing throughout all relevant real estate websites including NWMLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Johnson And Walker, and many other satellite sites
  5. Promoting the listing throughout our social media network via posts with both organic and sponsored reach

Hooray—you received an offer! Now what? At this point, we’ll help you measure the pros and cons of an offer including which parts are solid, and which components are unreliable. We will also highlight any potential red flags. We’ll guide you through the offer(s) to negotiate secure favorable terms, and ensure the new buyer has the ability to close on-time.  When it starts to feel like that might not be possible we'll do everything we can to them get them back on-track.

Along with the guidance of a third-party escrow officer, your transaction will be managed daily by our team to ensure a smooth closing. Once completed, your move will most likely require resources such as movers and relocation assistance. We are committed to continuing the relationship beyond the sale with our vast community of vendors, and are your go-to source for anything household related as you transition and begin your new journey!


With Johnson & Walker we’re ready to guide you through every step to achieve your goals of selling. Our collaborative philosophy is that we will control the process so that you can control the decision.
Should you buy first? Should you sell first? Can you manage both at the same time? This helpful guide will help you strategize what the best option is for you as you begin your home search.



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