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5 TIPS TO SURVIVING WITH SUCCESS We admit it . . . home ownership isn’t always about pretty paint and home decor.  As we pump the water out of our basement for the third time this week, we are reminded that surprises happen (especially in the Seattle rain) that can throw even us for a loop.  But with with the right tools, resources, black book of vendors, and patience, any home emergency can be resolved. Here are a few tips to help any home owner maintain their property: 1) Tackle maintenance on a monthly basis Trying to accomplish all of your tasks in one weekend is simply impossible, even for a professional.  We recommend a monthly maintenance calendar that divides up the list into 12 months based on the season.  Download our Monthly Maintenance Guide to track your progress. 2) […]

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Our paths first crossed with Aaron and Sarah many years ago when we were all volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters.  It was then that we began to understand their passion for children, both mentoring and fostering at risk youth.  In addition to volunteering as “Bigs,” they were also short term emergency foster parents to young children.  Even though they lived downtown in a two bedroom condo, they created a safe and loving space for these children week in, week out for many years. Q: What have you learned about your neighborhood since moving in? A: “We learned a lot about the rich history of the neighborhood and that Queen Anne was originally called Eden Hill” Through the years we have worked with Aaron and Sarah to purchase, sell and rent their various condominiums that they invested in.  But in […]

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